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Recent events

Assessing risk of violence and sexual violence:
HCR-20, SVR-20 and RSVP
workshop, reliability, V3 update

Professor Nicola Gray, Professor Robert Snowden

Ty Catrin Hospital, Cardiff, Wales,

30th March to 1st April 2015

and 2nd April 2015

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The Wales Applied Risk Research Network (WARRN) is a network whose aims are to:
● Improve training, dissemination and communication of research and evidence-based practice in risk assessment and risk management
● Improve standards of risk assessment and risk management across all sectors and disciplines in Wales
● Conduct and support primary and translational research on areas relevant to risk assessment and risk management and to improve the evidence-base in this area.

WARRN is the Wales Applied Risk Research Network: clinical risk assessment and risk management training and consultancy. WARRN recognises the central role of dissemination and training to produce effective clinical practice, which spans professional boundaries and considers local and national policy initiatives.
A major role of the network relates to the dissemination of what works, with whom, and in what context, and in disseminating training that is known to be evidence-based. WARRN has focussed its efforts on the tripartite role of:
1. Consultancy with services. Different services meet the needs of different patient populations and have different methods of service delivery and we have endeavoured to liaise closely with services to try to meet the needs of these  different service models. WARRN's consultancy role is offered free of charge.
2. The writing and delivery of evidence-based training on topics of key relevance to clinical risk assessment and risk management; and
3. Conducting and publishing high quality research where gaps exist in the evidence-base.

The strategy for Adult Mental Health Services in Wales, recommends "Every user in contact with mental health services should have a structured assessment of risk written in their case-records." and "The assessment of risk and ensuring the safety of users, carers and staff could be increased by training mental health professionals in risk assessment and risk management" and by "ensuring that risk assessment is multi-disciplinary and co-ordinated across settings."

Professor Nicola Gray

Consultant Clinical & Forensic Psychologist Director of WARRN

See "More about WARRN" for further information.